The three ancient journey.

The journey is the journey of the Exodus, Moses (Moses) believed that Moses was the leader of the Jewish slaves out of the control of Egypt to the land of the covenant of God. The legend tells the story of a journey through various locations in the land of Israel today.

When the Egyptian Empire was. God possessed by Alexander the Great. He changed my name’s Dahl (Racondah) along the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria, Alex (Alexandria) as a center of commerce and the arts, the sciences were in the city. Alex Alexandria became a center of trade and travel, to travel and study.

Kingdom of Greece, which took place about 1,400 years BC with expertise in navigation. To trade. War and adventure. About to go to war and the adventures of the Greek Greek poet named Homer (Homer) has collected stories about heroism and song lyrics. That occurred between 1100 to 800 years BC recorded in the epic Iliad (Ilid) and Odessa City (Odyssey) in Odessa Forum is an epic tale of maritime adventure of Odessa. in Perseus (Odysseus) or Ulysses Sea (Ulysses) hero of the ancient Greeks (Burns, Mcnall and Others, 1982: 171-172).

About 800 years BC, the trade of the Greek city-state in both land and coastal trade between the state also has the Greek islands. In the Aegean Sea (Aegean Sea) and the coastal districts of New Bachelorette Expo kingdom land law (Burns, Mcnall and Others, 1982: 175) In addition, the merchant of Troy (Troy), which is one of the Greek city-state. Trade with Egypt and may have traveled to the Danube River (Danube River) (Jurisdiction Kpi’s Kan, 2539: 115).

Journey to the Paralympics Paralympic Winter Games (Olympic Games) the Greeks began 776 years ago for the first time on Saturday (Pond, 1993: 3), and ends in BC. 393 in the Emperor. Theodosia Assumption 1: City of the Roman Empire. The journey to the sports and recreation. It is the older form of mass (mass travel), the arrangement comprising a friendly athletic competition. Related to a variety of audiences travel from various locations within the state of the Greek city-state, and so on. The objective is to participate in a great sport.

Herod Augustus Donetsk (Herodotus, 490425 BC), the first Greek historians. The story about the trip for the first time. It is the story of the events in Egypt, Babylonia, Greece, Syria, and land on the river Danube, about 550-479 years ago Saturday (Pond, 1993: 3).

There were many Greek philosophers in the way. Way to seek. Philosophical truth and knowledge. Getting to know the world outside of the Athabasca Valley (Thales), in the years 624-546 BC. They had traveled to the state. Greek and distance traveled to Egypt. The historical evidence indicates that the Athabasca Valley to Egypt. I can calculate the height of the pyramid devised by the shadow method. Pyramids with their shadows. And to calculate accurately the solar year is 585 BC and the other one I now Clinton Augustus (Democlitus), which is in the 460 to 370 BC. Recognized as a long trip to the land such as Egypt, Babylonia, Persia, until finally it was proposed that atoms are made up (Atom) smallest.

Since there are approximately 3,000 years before major kingdoms in different parts of the world as the land between the River Tigris (Tigris) and the City of Fredericksburg (Euphrates) in Iraq today, called land “. between the rivers “(Mesopotamia) was used to build an empire of nations, such as Sumer (Sumerians) about 4,000 years ago. Prof. BC Akkadian in (Akkadians) about 2350 years BC The Babylonians (Babylonians. ) about 1,800 years BC Assisi School (Assyrian) estimated 1.300 years BC and Alberta Meridian (Chaldean), about the year 612 BC the Kingdom of the said nation. It was occupied by the Persian Empire (Persia) on 539 years BC (Faculty of Arts. Chulalongkorn University, 2538: 20-23 and Kagn, Ozment and Turner, 1979: 7-11) Persian Empire (500 BC – AD 641) was one of the ancient kingdom of the empire. The center of the empire in Iran. There is also a Kingdom of Egypt (3,100 years BC – 525 years BC) Kingdom of Greece (1400 years BC – 30 BC) Roman Empire (700 BCE. BC – AD 476) in South Asia is an ancient kingdom of India, which starts on Monday, and China about 3,000 years ago, about 2,000 years BC

To seek out knowledge of various philosophers. The purpose is to seek the knowledge gained from learning element has traveled to many places. To study the characteristics and behavior of people in society, art, culture and technology have created a rich man. Finally, the knowledge has been accumulated. Greek and became a center of knowledge and understanding about human nature and society. The Bachelorette philosophers such as Socrates, Plato and Aristophanes’s Seahawks. Result in court. Institutions of higher learning in the city of Athens. The two major institutions of the Academy (Academy) taught by Plato and the K-line (Lycium) taught by Lori Foster the Seahawks. The growth of the knowledge that the people of any other state. Journey to seek knowledge widely. I’ve learned the most from. Knowledge of philosophy. Knowledge about the use of rhetoric. Speaking and writing.