The Diamond Cave

Getting to Diamond Caverns National Park – Cave gold car through Asia from Bangkok by road. Turn right to Amphoe Takhli. Along Phaholyothin Road. Through the Takhli district to district, Tak Fa. Between Km 247 to 248 of the curved area of the paved road, turn left Phaholyothin road to the park is about 200 meters diamond cave – the cave of gold.

Diamond Caverns National Park – Cave Gold is located in Khao Chon Dua area. Moo Moo 15 and 17 at the Seoul Dua Ban Sa Kaew Tambon Nong Kun District, Tak Fa Takhli and Nakhon Sawan. With an area of approximately 3,000 acres of Royal Forest Department declared this forest park on January 10, 2540.

Shawn Dua his height from 100 to 375 meters above sea level. A rock outcrop. There is a wide variety of plant species among watersheds of Stony Brook. Spruce Creek Water Creek and Whiting. The area is a small mountain town as limestone, marble and granite peaks on a hilly plains alternating with walking distance to connect with them. Foothills south Phaholyothin road at Km 247-248 distance of about 200 meters inside the cave, he Chon Dua vessels connected by a corridor approximately 70 caves.

Animals that live in the mountains and Shawn Dua. The state forest is dry deciduous forest wildlife species including tigers, bears, monkeys, wild deer, chamois, wild fowl Naja musk.

Forest and vegetation.
A mixed deciduous forest and dry conditions. The area consists of mountain vegetation types. And does not include the economic shift light Tabak Makha Mong Ling Po Sompong Aiekgg Mahad Mafai mango forest, bamboo forest and woodland ground flora, including herbs such as Hanuman Maka Hantnsแdg Hantnskaw Hantnsผa any salad.

Northern Railroad Bangkok – Chiang Mai to Mae Station Takhli. To catch a bus or cab to Diamond Cave – cave of gold is about 12 kilometers.