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ท่องเที่ยวCurries tell you the atmosphere of a village in the South, especially New York City. Beautiful forest with moisture. The grand splendor of the mountains. And to study the lives of people who live together. “Everything can be taken as a whole and use herbs, fruits and vegetables,” she told “to eat seasonally. To enhance productivity. Local knowledge and Products Herbal dyed fabric, “as she pulled me happy during the” heavy “in the past out front.

It is said that sustainable tourism must turn attention to the culture and lifestyle. Well-being of the local people are not only going to look at the culture as a model to use for travel. Attract people to see and know alone. Rather than maintaining a relationship with life itself, such as the promotion of public relations stories. Out to people outside must pass through the filter. Into contact with the local community. The spiritual heart is true. Like the culture and the people began to occupy them.

“To be surfing the links. Non-agricultural sector to replace “Your pharmacist has told me it’s forcing it. When we talk about the impact that may follow after the community began to turn to. Ecotourism. “The line is that everything we do is to develop tourism products to use them as a tool for cultural preservation.”

Yes, that is the aim of sustainable tourism and ecotourism is smooth. I toss the paper and let the water flow. But when we looked at it in comparison with foreign Although farmers are turning to tourism home stay will have a smooth life. Settling in as simple and natural way. But the difference is quite a lot to gain social acceptance. “Our poor little house where he is pathetic. Unlike the people in the city. I work hard for this recognition, “you might tell a pharmacist’s. How the work of the Authority in the organization to make them feel that what is pure and precious relic collecting and proud. No less than anyone else.

“I know the account of this community is very important to keep the profile data,” he said of the survey and the values. “Walk The Philosopher” is full of folk wisdom of the community. “I make a book out. I was about to carry on. How to talk to the elders of the house. Have the knowledge. Was admitted to the relationship, and “he told me proudly part of the past.

This is not only to explore and support the Authority itself, but also full of people who are able to experience the story of surfing. Tourism and sustainable into the general direction of the booklet, many times we find that a virtual A.s.t. story of a long journey of the Authority to present a story line feature to the direction required. Co. “I” and persuade the people to “see” the life and belief of the people that really looks like it. Not to be taken lightly and turn out to be empty.

Many stories are fiction. Content and the atmosphere is filled with the warm color and culture. Travellers can visit the home and the community on their own. They just have to put “heart” into a one fiction writer I like “T overthrew them” often took himself to dip drowning scene and the life of the community homestay throughout Thailand, some chapters are more drawn to people like. seat patio along with the author.

“The one night at White Marsh. I Boonthong forecourt. Which is surrounded by large trees. Filled with a lot of people were gathered around on the mat. Cabcgon pack food prepared at home for visitors to be distributed. Throughout the page. I went on to argue in the little booth. Many of the sculptures. We placed the plate of food in the house, a two story house. The floor. Many people, both men and women. The old ones were busy with the little boy dressed as a girl … so much to the young men who wear makeup loincloth. Short sleeve shirt striped folk cloth “… soon. By the time everyone in the house is turning itself into one another seamlessly. While many people in the front yard, looking anxiously anticipating another. Play began on time … “.

She currently lives and writes about the time the community began to turn to tourism and home stay available. It tells the story of the people who come to visit them for a very lively documentary. “The drama of life at White Marsh” issue in October 2545.

Or something in the script that she chose to visit the people and communities of the Northeast. On the January 2546 “cycle of nature and culture. From Thailand Nong Lom home. Ban Dong Luang willing to “the area that may not have the natural beauty as well as host of many other sectors, but also the story of the life and culture to find.

“Actually, we have to do it that way in a long time. I just have not been looking at the “point of view of the management of the Authority to comply with the people in small groups. How do the students in the camp that wants to learn. And acknowledge the problems of rural life. The development of the ideal society or a group that focuses on access to natural forest communities, remote or island in the middle of the sea, which is living with the locals. See the ideas, beliefs, and traditions of the beautiful house they were staying local.

“I was sitting in the porch of the little bamboo hut. High on a hill that slopes down to the river in the village of Ban Nong Greenway. Puddle of water behind a bamboo hut … this. They are not catering to tourists, but the other 5 are the next to go. I know as a tourist. The bamboo huts are one in five was … “… the story of the folklore of the forest. I have found here. Fully aware of wetland. What kind of animal is a spider in the house than he had believed. If the hole is the hole hole scowl turned to the east. Request Creek. He wrote a number of paper and put it in the hole swamp hole. Turned to the east, and the first night I came to see if lowering the number of sessions the paper is written from the outside. I want to buy a lottery ticket tree I’d seen it. But that is not Asgtan. I will tell you how to do it with