How to traval part1

Austria was the first country. In Europe with travel and camping Farm (Farmhouse), which is located far away from the capital. For visitors to experience the well-being of the homeowner. Learning culture. The most important. Is to say the value, and the identity of the people in a society.

Into contact with people like this. The answer to that is to encourage people to come visit. The community rather than a market index. Or the terms of the development as a percentage reflecting the number of people that I work hard for generations, so it is not just questions and trying to find. The answer to himself. How far do we move. And the need to look forward to a long long. If it is something more important than it is today. The coexistence of all people. Whether a tree is a tree. Village somewhere. Or any other big organizations. Probably because we could not move without wiping sweat and turn heads at the track. Track of each other. Evening of the day when I leave the house or the Shield’s cheerful bear on Koh Yao Noi. Host communities of the Andaman Sea, Phang Nga province, except the beauty of the sea. Way to learn. I firmly believe in the religion and the modern world and to say thank you. Smiles of the people that are memorable. The smile of the definition of a happy home. As someone once said to me on the pinnacle of the organization that transmits. These are the stories that keep coming out. “The best attraction in the community who are the happiest.”

Of the National Economic and Social Development Plan No. 8 on the role of community development. And the distribution of power to local government legislation. The impetus for local organizations and agencies. Focus on creating revenue for the community to use as a selling point. As a result, many communities in tourism activities. The event was a homestay tourism gets a lot of attention. The organization of local NGOs and government agencies.

On eco-tourism model. Or the ecotourism that is very popular in both domestic and international travelers. The government Travel the world and has been featured in the travel industry. Said that in the past 20 years, ecotourism is growing rapidly throughout the world. And is expected to continue to grow in the future.

The United Nations has recognized the importance of such. The year 2545 was declared the International Year of Ecotourism. It’s Sustainable Development Commission (Commission on Sustainable Development) has asked the government agencies and the private sector around the world to support TAT activities as a member of the World Tourism Organization (World Tourism Organization: WTO). urged agencies. Both public and private, the importance of eco-tourism. And co-organized the symposium, a TAT organized a joint eco-tourism activities such as rafting, cycling, bird watching, nature study and community life.

“At that time, we worked hard at the first castle world ow … I shrouded to continue” for a host of experimental and TAT to support the release, the words “where possible. it “seems gradually. Throw it out on the collaboration between the communities. TAT and Tourist Promotion Agency at first. To the touch.

Youth to learn from a variety of local community where the castle is located close to the historic legacy of the ancient Khmer civilization thousands of years ago. Not only fossil remains of laterite bricks. The lifestyle of the folk crafts, traditional forms of ritual belief that children are the “agents” of a visit to the spectacular.

“I do not have children. There are people at the same tears. We need to tie my wrists back bevel “This is a reflection of that. The identity of their value. Appropriate to the study. And significant. Was developed into a matter of survival rather than relying on the other hand, the blue and the skin.

Arrange to view homestay is the most popular eco-tourism, the TAT is supported. The community homestay hundreds spread across the country. Some groups focus on the natural beauty of the surrounding. While some will focus on the beliefs of the culture and charm. And there are many groups that focus on the coexistence of people and nature. The towns are not known. Or is it just a good idea, an ideal.

The story of the worse your younger brother is former editor of the booklet A.s.t. and Assistant Director of the Authority in the Northern Territory, where she talks about the night of the TAT Southern Office Region. 2, with the support of the Baan Kiri release the cover off Lansaka community’s historic Royal York to live with mountains. Mountains as well as the main house of the city.

“Actually, they’re in this for a long time. We just make people see the value of his outside, “she said that the intimacy between” outsiders “with her fellow mountain. Although it’s just a lot of people interested in the study of real life, but it is hard work Kiriwong it. To understand the causes of communication between the inside and outside of the mountain.

“Thailand Land Awards in digestion Turing Award is that it contributes to the development of many of them,” she refers to the travel industry, the award is given to the TAT community join the contest. Which started in the year 2539 was the first year divided by cultural attractions, both natural and agro-ecological activities not only bring rewards both in terms of physical development. The streets. Or construction budget, but also results in a matter of common sense and pride in the community. Which is the main destination of the delivery.

Royal Forest Cave at north

Royal Forest Cave – Khun Nam Nang sleep.
Royal Forest Cave – Khun Nam Nang sleep. In Pha Tambon Pong, Mae Sai, Chiang Rai Province. In the National Forest from Forest Hill, London. With an area of approximately 5,000 ha Forest Department declared this forest park on October 1, 2529.

The mountain is a large number of consecutive complexes. Approximately 779 meters high escarpment to the east.

Wild animals found are leopard, elephant, deer, wild boar, civet Aiekgg pelicans, squirrels, ferrets, rabbits, wild bats Tattletale Warbler Black etc.

Forest and vegetation.
The mixed forest is relatively abundant. Deciduous tree species found are some Hiang antimony Du York Showcase Makha wood and bamboo along the creeks and streams along the way.

The Park is away from the Chiang Rai – Mae Sai. (Rd) 2.2 miles, in the district of Mae – Mae Sai. Paved roads throughout the park until late. Getting to the park is more comfortable because of 60 kilometers from Mae Chan, Chiang Rai province, 14 kilometers and 8 kilometers from Mae Sai.

Forest waterfall smoke.
Forest waterfall smoke. Among the Tartar in Ward District 6 District Phaya Meng Rai smoke. Chiang Rai. In Doi Luang National Wildlife Sanctuary. Salt water pool and jungle forests long. With an area of approximately 2100 acres Forest Department declared on May 8, 2545.

Place in the mountains north – south. Height of about 440-674 meters above sea level with a gradient of 30% average across the creek, waterfall, smoke flows through the center of the area. Tam Ma Creek flows through the south. Tat’s mother and the creek by creek is low, it is the confluence of the River Tam mother southeast. Tat’s mother creeks and streams are large and deep creek water all year round.

Wildlife found fewer birds and small animals. Reptiles, rodents, snakes, and fish products.

Forest and vegetation.
The dry evergreen forest. The forest is also rich. The dominant tree species found are red Makha Mong Yang Du Pre Tabak red cedar, red rocks, water, etc. Sonneratia forest ground as bamboo, pampas grass, bamboo plantation, bamboo, banana, wild grass six Eupatorium odoratum in the ferns, orchids bonsai.

From the district town of Chiang Rai. Home on Mount distances in kilometers to the District Phaya Meng Rai Highway 1152 Distance 40 miles to the south along Highway 1174 to Ban Pa Muang Distance 14 km to house tens of thousands of 2.5 km to the Department of Public Works. The Wild Violet – his home city. Turn right and follow the road to Mae Tam Falls Department of Public Works. Thousand forests is home – home to the city’s four kilometers to go to the states for another 8 km gravel road. Total distance of 74.5 kilometers.