Ecotourism is a solution or a way to bring them salvation. Sustainable tourism as “the party of the Authority with broad receptive to this idea. The Foundation was established to protect the environment and tourism (P.s.t.) mid-year 2535 with the main objective to perform due to the protection of the environment. Siege and tourism resources. Thailand Association of Ecotourism and Adventure (Sat.), an organization founded by a group of private tourism operators. An advertising company to do this the first page in a separate booklet A.s.t.

Meanwhile, the development of tourism is expanding into the Mekong. In July 2536 the government changed policies in the field is that the field of trade. The TAT. Was prepared to celebrate the opening of the Friendship Bridge Thailand – Laos And from this point the project in a manner that causes the gateway to Indochina. And Thailand as a tourist hub in Southeast Asia, and many more. These are items such as rectangular economy. Economic Triangle. Economic and hexagonal etc.

Your free Paijit Wang’s (The TAT governor from 2537 to 2542) interview on the position of governor of TAT in the booklet A.s.t. August 2537 that “we must. regardless of the number of good and forget the importance of the resource. Tourism If you want long-term development. I need to focus on the quality of the environment “.

This led to the development of policies and guidelines for eco-tourism (Ecotourism) (Year             2538-2539      ) by the definition of Ecotourism and eco-tourism that. Means to travel to any of the attractions. The objective is to learn to appreciate and enjoy the natural scenery, culture, social life of the local people. On the basis of knowledge and responsibility for the ecosystem. The concept of the tour to the “sustainability” seems to be the goal of solving the problem in the best hotels. Both the concepts and principles which the Authority has also been adapted to study. And encourage the community tourist area a walk together, looking back to the fundamentals that we have the most valuable. The answer is obvious and natural diversity is embraced. It’s inevitable, it’s a unique address. It is said to be a tradition of art and culture that shaped their unique endemic. “The world is changing. We would have to walk by. It is great to see that we should. And the benefits of development. We’re ready to learn. ”

The sustainable development of the world when the World Summit on the environment, or “Earth Summit” in 2535 when the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has pushed the current global environment. Not only in terms of the health of the planet. It also refers to the issue of which direction to head almost every country. Tend to develop.

Current tourism development is focused on 3 main.

Trends to preserve the environment and natural resources.

Growing demand in the field of learning.

Wave to the people.

Of the current development. Influence the adaptation of the system to us. “We are turning to Ecotourism is called when it is in our current eco-tourism. Some eco-tourism is defined as a word “which defines all these ensemble means that we will turn his attentions to the north of the country is split into a host part.