Men’s Palisades Park Pride.

The high mountains alternate origin. The highest mountains are Mount Forest clogs (pine), the highest peak elevation of 1,291 meters above sea level, about 30-40% average slope on the west side of the mountain is steep, deep down. creek about 400 meters there is also a creek and a branch of the Creek clogs the mountain forest waterfall is not very high. Water throughout the year.

Wild boar, monkeys, deer, rabbits, birds, including the different types of wild fowl, hawks, snakes, cicadas.

Forest and vegetation.
The rainforest. The species diversity is relatively dense. The plants are all perennials and ground ferns and cycads harrowing Eupatorium odoratum and lace. Woody species were found to produce the key pivot pine sapwood Chan Champa wild mango etc.

Journey into the park ridgetop Phaya Prai total distance of 79 kilometers from the district town of Chiang Rai is a paved four lanes to Mae Chan district, about 30 kilometers from the junction Sang to Mae Salong a road along the hillside Fabrics Sun. Pha Dua home address to the junction about 23 miles from the junction Etadati another 13 miles to Etadati. Men can go home with two primary ways.
A tropical storm. Influenced by the southwest monsoon. During the rainy season, and the northeast monsoon in winter is divided into three seasons: rainy season from June to September, winter from October to February. The average temperature is 10-15 degrees Celsius, summer from March to May is hot and humid with temperatures averaging 28-38 degrees Celsius.

I head home and turn on the way to the Phaya Prai home distance of 28 kilometers.
From house to house Etadati Men asphalt jungle by a distance of about 13 kilometers.