Dinosaur Park

Dinosaur Park Kaeng Luang. Dinosaur fossils have been excavated and Software Robert Paul. The large herbivorous dinosaurs. The estimated age of the sandstone. Red discovery is expected to be at least 130 million years old and was first discovered in the north of the country. In the central district, Nong Mu 7 Ban Chiang Muan District, Phayao Province, which is the area in Mae Yom National Forest, an area of forest which has abundant forest. The Cedar River is located to the north. Yom River flows through beautiful rock islands. Ideal for boat and swim. Nancy and water throughout the year. In addition, the center of the creek ravine waterfall ledge six. Flow across to the discovery of dinosaur fossils to the river below, which looks beautiful. And a peacock in the forest several herds of about a hundred more. It also has many other wildlife species such as deer, monkeys, wild boar, etc.

Wildlife can be seen in areas classified into groups as follows.
Mammalian milk. Species such as the wild boar, barking deer, mouse deer, common in the north and a small squirrel or chipmunk.
Reptile Amphibians. Species that exist today, including Gila various snakes and geckos etc. Nanjing grandson.
Birds are often seen as the easiest birds such as barbets peacock neck blue grouse major indiscretion falcon bird sniping and many more.

Forest and vegetation.
Forest are the very integrity of the forest. The trees are so dense. Generalization is deciduous. The local language is called a grove or forest. There are large, medium and small trees up mix much denser. Arid areas. Sandy loam. Dirt or gravel. Less integrity. Species are observed, including antimony favorites Padauk hair stick on anchor nest Rkฟga Thailand Hiang as the forest vegetation cover. Or ground coconut observed Peng Tao, the penis and so on.

Common feature is the high place he runs to the north – south with a height of sea level from 300 to 557 meters below the river flows through a vertical length of about 6 km to the west. There are 2 streams of water, which is the sixth year the creeks and streams swell. Which flows into the river below. The problem of soil science, p m shallow top soil is sandy. Brown or sandy loam with good drainage is poor absorbency high incoherent soil organic matter is low. Geological features as sandstone, limestone, sedimentary rocks, metamorphic rocks are slate and shale.

Of Phayao. Chun Pong district to district to Chiang Muan district intersection, turn right and then turn left and follow the path to the Contract for 3 yards to the entrance to Dinosaur Park Kaeng Luang. Total distance of approximately 121 kilometers.