Koh Chang tour

Koh Chang is the second largest island of Thailand after Phuket. With an area of approximately 429 square kilometers. His most distinguishing feature was a high cliff complexes, the highest peak with a height of 744 meters and Khao Salak Phet is generally fertile forest. Most of the rainforest. As a source of watershed. The island has many waterfalls, beaches and splendid reefs in the west of the island.

Koh Chang is an island surrounded by the sea, the islands temperature for relaxing is not hot. Or too cold. For the influence of the monsoon. Koh Chang is influenced by the northeast monsoon. The southwest monsoon. The influence of such a restriction on the boat. Southwest monsoon during the months of May to October, which is on the west coast, the air waves are not fit to travel. Month from November to May, when the waves are minimal. So a trip to the island. Or islands, so it is quite convenient.

Location: The north end of the island Trat. Pointed away from the coast, about 8 kilometers along the island as a district of Trat. Koh Chang Naval Battle Area. In the south of the island. Chang Chang Ao Salak Khok Bay Area is the second page of the history of the struggle to defend the sovereignty of Thailand on January 17. Since Thailand 244 fleet to repel the invaders to retreat to. If Thailand had lost fleet. And the courage to number one. Thailand military exploits have been written down. And remember, the 17th of January every year at Memorial Battle of Koh Chang, Trat district.
Koh Chang is an island with no settlements housing community. If it is important, as a hurricane shelter harbor. As a source of food supplies. And fresh water, especially in Salak Phet or Ao Salad is well known among the Chinese pirate on the island of Hainan and the Vietnamese people are living in eight villages.

Koh Ngam is the first point of impact between Thailand and French Navy. When the French sent a reconnaissance aircraft. The bombing on the island. Koh Wai is a part. The aircraft was of French Navy patrol Songkhla. The New Navy shot down.

French naval forces of seven aircraft incursion into the southern part of the island. By Charlotte Hunt cruiser sloop boat spin out with two guns, four boats were split into three groups with the group 1 alarms in Charlotte. Capital Salon launches incursion into the southern end of the island rattan. The island is situated among two boats and were the first boat I first ships into the south side of the island, dark island rattan among 3 aboard were the first ship guns three ships into the south side of the island. cloudy with some sharp socket.

Ko Mai Si is a small island located just off the island, which is still completely natural sandy beaches, clear waters rich in fish species. Snorkeling can be. The island has a variety of plants for study, but the island is the clash between the Hunt House. Capital Salon Business School with Navy stationed on the islands wedge. The Navy has come to the rescue of Songkhla. New Navy damaged and shot to sink into the sea near Salak Phet. And Ao Salak Khok. The Navy School was heavily damaged by fire. It runs aground. Laem and sink area. There was also a semi-residential homestay. Travelers can get a

Klong Son Bay is a bay on the north west coast of the island. The site of Ban Klong Son. Near the Bay Area with the beautiful underwater reef accommodation for tourists.

Waterfall Rd. A small waterfall. In the northeast of the island from the pedestrian sidewalk Dan 3 kilometers from the park office. A distance of about 4 km.

Than Mayom Waterfall behind the park office. Walking through the park, about 500 meters into the center of a 4-storey waterfall Level 3 is the most beautiful. The reign of King Rama 5 and 7, and Queen Rambhai ni. His trip had been to this waterfall. The monogram Hpr. Carved on the cliff of the waterfall.

Klong Plu Waterfall is a large waterfall on the beautiful island of Koh Chang. A waterfall over a cliff into a pool below the waterfall, 3 km from Klong Prao Beach, 3 km from the forest to walk for about 20 minutes.

Long sandy beach in the south of the island, close to Salak Phet. Is a bay with a sandy stretch of water that can Trekking the Battle of Koh Chang. And views of the nearby islands such as Koh Chang, Koh Wai, Ao Salak the beach offers accommodation for tourists.

Lincoln School. Located at Moo 4, White Sand Beach, Koh Chang is the Monkey Training Center. The show is dedicated to the coconut. The third round of the day at 10.00 am, 14.00 pm, 16.00 pm Admission For more information, call 200.             0 1982 8661      ,             0 6531 3398      .

Ban Chang is the largest and oldest communities on the island is located in the south of the island. The villagers make a living fishing. The islands and surrounding mountains shelter the waves well. The village is the oldest temple of Wat Salak Phet built in the reign of the fifth when the island came aboard and Salak Phet Bay is the largest on the island.

Trat – Laem Chai Chet Beach is a long, continuous to Kai Bae Beach. Beach sand is very sloped. Can swim. There are many bungalows for rent. Standard rooms are equipped with amenities. At the north end of Klong Prao Laem Chai Chet attached. A sharp rock scenery. I can not swim.

The park offers a shelter to serve tourists. Chang and the 9 rooms 2-6 persons U.S. For more information, call 800-2500.             0 3955 5086       or the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, Bangkok.             0 2562 0760       Monday – Friday. 08. 30-18. 00 am, Saturday at 09. 00-15. 30th at www.dnp.go.th.

Travel on the island. A minibus from the port to the beach, Klong Prao, Kai Bae Beach at the cost of $ 30 more and the price before you go to work.

Khiri Phet Waterfall. A tiered waterfall. From Ban Salak plantations over a distance of 3 kilometers.

A waterfall. A small waterfall. Near Khiri Phet Waterfall – Ban Salak Orgtean from deep inside, about 2 miles and then walk for about 480 meters, the waterfall falling from a narrow gorge at a height of 120 meters to swim.

Bang Bao fishing village. Each house embroidery pillars into the sea. The bridge connected to each other. Ancestors of the people here, mostly inherited from the Chang. A simple life with a small coastal fishing. Squid is abundant fragrances. A coral underwater. Pier fishing village with a salted shrimp paste, fish sauce, dried shrimp, Bang Bao Bay Area Photography is suitable for mooring. Dodge waves because the mountains. Islands and the surrounding areas in the monsoon season. The boat has plenty of room to dodge the waves in this bay.

Orgtean house is a small community located in Salak Phet. In the south of the island. To popular view here. Looking north towards the summit Salak cloud cover. Coco Island in the eastern mountain area and large spikes. If you walk up the hill to the Abbey in October Banphot will bring better view of all Salak Phet.

Bai Lan Bay, Koh Chang is located next to the sidewalk across from the mountain walk from Kai Bae Beach is about one hour on the way to see beautiful views of the mountains. Ao Bai Lan is a quiet sandy beach. For swimming and relaxing.

Kai Bae Beach is a long beach with Chang. The beach slope is moderate. Can swim without danger. Budget Rent a bungalow in town. Some mountain bikes for rent.

Royal Forest Cave at north

Royal Forest Cave – Khun Nam Nang sleep.
Royal Forest Cave – Khun Nam Nang sleep. In Pha Tambon Pong, Mae Sai, Chiang Rai Province. In the National Forest from Forest Hill, London. With an area of approximately 5,000 ha Forest Department declared this forest park on October 1, 2529.

The mountain is a large number of consecutive complexes. Approximately 779 meters high escarpment to the east.

Wild animals found are leopard, elephant, deer, wild boar, civet Aiekgg pelicans, squirrels, ferrets, rabbits, wild bats Tattletale Warbler Black etc.

Forest and vegetation.
The mixed forest is relatively abundant. Deciduous tree species found are some Hiang antimony Du York Showcase Makha wood and bamboo along the creeks and streams along the way.

The Park is away from the Chiang Rai – Mae Sai. (Rd) 2.2 miles, in the district of Mae – Mae Sai. Paved roads throughout the park until late. Getting to the park is more comfortable because of 60 kilometers from Mae Chan, Chiang Rai province, 14 kilometers and 8 kilometers from Mae Sai.

Forest waterfall smoke.
Forest waterfall smoke. Among the Tartar in Ward District 6 District Phaya Meng Rai smoke. Chiang Rai. In Doi Luang National Wildlife Sanctuary. Salt water pool and jungle forests long. With an area of approximately 2100 acres Forest Department declared on May 8, 2545.

Place in the mountains north – south. Height of about 440-674 meters above sea level with a gradient of 30% average across the creek, waterfall, smoke flows through the center of the area. Tam Ma Creek flows through the south. Tat’s mother and the creek by creek is low, it is the confluence of the River Tam mother southeast. Tat’s mother creeks and streams are large and deep creek water all year round.

Wildlife found fewer birds and small animals. Reptiles, rodents, snakes, and fish products.

Forest and vegetation.
The dry evergreen forest. The forest is also rich. The dominant tree species found are red Makha Mong Yang Du Pre Tabak red cedar, red rocks, water, etc. Sonneratia forest ground as bamboo, pampas grass, bamboo plantation, bamboo, banana, wild grass six Eupatorium odoratum in the ferns, orchids bonsai.

From the district town of Chiang Rai. Home on Mount distances in kilometers to the District Phaya Meng Rai Highway 1152 Distance 40 miles to the south along Highway 1174 to Ban Pa Muang Distance 14 km to house tens of thousands of 2.5 km to the Department of Public Works. The Wild Violet – his home city. Turn right and follow the road to Mae Tam Falls Department of Public Works. Thousand forests is home – home to the city’s four kilometers to go to the states for another 8 km gravel road. Total distance of 74.5 kilometers.

To philanthropy

Kathina is a combination of the Theravada discipline Piฎk. Atrhiwr fabric is called the Buddha allowed the monks in the temple every three months to get them clothed.
The words or Krankฐin prefer. Is one of the activities of the Theravada canon law at the time. The activities of the clergy can do this from the waning days of the first lunar month to the 11th day of the 15th lunar month is only 12 with the aim of creating unity among the clergy. And priests who assist you with a robe worn. So they prefer to be on the activities of the clergy specifically In addition, in the doctrine and discipline. Some prefer to have the Mahayana sect as well. But the requirements are different from the Theravada canon.
How to get the fabric Atrhiwr Krankin will bring discipline to the provisions of this doctrine. Buddha is not a God of the believers to bring Krankin fabric. For that reason, the ritual of offering alms Kathina cloth. Or the ceremony of the Buddhists. With the offering of the Kathina cloth. Is Sagฆtan. Is dedicated to a specific chapter by priests. Any form. To the clergy and the monks Apolkns fabric to any shape. One of the clergy vote. (Deed secondary motion) and with those who have given the exact time of the offering. The clergy can be obtained once a year. Traditionally, the ceremony is an important merit of the Buddhist tradition in general, especially in Thailand.

More traditional ceremony. I have both the ceremony and the civil ceremony. By the dedicated service of the Crown Royal Kathina Ceremony is the annual Currently offering Kathina cloth fabric in terms of support for Atrhiwr. Activities of importance. Of the clergy was less important to. Instead, focus on family instead of Kฐintan money or material possessions. This led to the development and preservation of Buddhism Thawornwatthu. Sagฆtan which is the same one.

Kathina, a term of honor. Will not give way to the other fabric. Period is only one month since the waning days of the first lunar month to the 11th day of the 15th lunar month, 12 (12 lunar months), this time period is called the Kathina ceremony with ceremony or festival. Buddhists in Thailand to focus on the ceremony held in various large scale is one of the most important fairs in the year. There are some who believe that the very Be booked in advance as long as ten years hosted the ceremony, which represents the Buddhist faith in Thailand’s Confederate heritage. This tradition until today.

The history of Kathina.
From the Urban Jungle to a monk Aฐ York State has traveled to 30 photos met the Buddha at Wat Chet Day’s Cathedral London roads loop roads but not to W Hz. It’s the day before Lent, the 30 monks at the temple town of Sa Ket to be in the way. I round up. Those priests had met the Prophet set out with the rain still falling prevalence is difficult to measure the travel on such a day. Buddha is said to live and travel. The difficulty is that when the temple priests allowed to complete the quarter. Get the Kathina cloth. And priests who have benefited Krankฐin within five reasons Kathina merit. (Counted from the date of the Kathina up until 15 months 4) is.
1. I do not have to say goodbye.
Two. Never carry a pack Atrhiwr to three parcels.
3. I have the Opchns. (Lunch circle as I did).
4. A hobby that has not yet Wikap robe and prayer site without offense.
Five. Robe windfall arising. Shall include priests who had been Krankฐin.

The special Kathina different from the other reviewers.
One. Limit, you are not only dedicated Sagฆtan. Dedicated to specific priests take any form, as well as the other did not.
Two. Limited time offer is required within one month from the date of the next round.
Three. Ltd. is a monk at Krankฐin be dyed and hand sewing to finish within Krankฐin.
4th. Ltd. Thailand is fairly boards dedicated to specific disciplines accurate manner.
Five. Ltd. is the recipient of Kathina monk. The temple is the temple by the king. And no fewer than five pictures.
6. Limited time is the only one to prefer one year only.
7. A Royal Puttha permission. Otherwise, ask your Taik Buddha as he allowed the great worshipers Wisaka ask permission bath linens rain. But he allowed himself this Kathina cloth. It is the will directly.

Type of Kathina in Thailand.
According to the discipline. Not over the ceremony. (Offering Kathina cloth to monks) into any kind of comment. It is only in the making or receiving of clergy Krankฐin cloth only. However, considering the current popular culture. The identification of the ceremony as it is.
Hulkฐin called the ceremony is to be done with urgency. And is dependent upon the unity of the faith, a lot. The fabric Atrhiwr to accomplish by hand in one day is to start from a cotton garment dyed and offerings to the monks Krankฐin within the early morning until the dawn of another day, so ancient and revered as a Hulkฐin. There is a lot of merit. I prefer to take the industry to greater than normal (Mhakฐin) within a limited time. The current is usually not a big Hulkฐin. There are a large number of participants. This tradition spanning Hulkฐin traditionally found only in Thailand and Laos. The tradition of the popular Hulkฐin only community in the north and the east by the East prefer to call this type “Kathina run” (a term that appears in the discipline Hulkฐin Piฎk).
One reason has to do Hulkฐin. Because of the limited time schedule Krankฐin. And the priests could not continue to attempt to acquire the Kathina cloth itself. I would prefer cracked. (The Consortium) may have some measure at the end of the season, but no leader boards Kathina Kathina offering. At the close of the month in the past 12 (I prefer the) believers are usually patrolling the measurements when the measurements are not offering Kathina cloth. Management must strive to make haste to finish the Kathina Kathina cloth out. Sometimes only a single day. It requires the cooperation of the entire community. To jointly accomplish before the end of the Kathina cloth Atrhiwr. (The former is not ready for sale Atrhiwr boards) participation made Hulkฐin therefore be considered as a tool. Unity of the people in the community as well. Sometimes, if I wanted to. Note that the remaining residues are not really any Kathina Kathina crime, which is similar to the ritual, but simply as Hulkฐin Is. Suddenly go? Assumed that usually do not give JL? Called Kathina bandits. Unannounced to measure prior knowledge.
Mhakฐin is the term referred to a family Kathina ceremony means a lot. I do not like the hustle Hulkฐin. Mhakฐin Kathina is dedicated to leading temples in Thailand. To the collection Thailand Htupahhai fair and items to be included in a Kathina offerings to monks. To the preservation of Buddhism. (Mhakฐin the words that appear in the discipline Piฎk) by Mhakฐin may prefer to have a single host or Kathin time.
Royal Kathina Kathina Ceremony at the fabric of King Rama, His Majesty the King. Their Majesties the King and the royal family royal couple visited the place. I prefer this to the audience with his private property. And sometimes there is a Royal Kathina Ceremony is a big parade. The procedure ocean troops. Their troops Stl or procedure. But his wish. (At present it to proceed with the offering of Kathina ceremony, the fabric is great. The procedure ocean only remaining troops only).

I prefer a 16 gauge only present in the Temple of the Reclining Buddha Wat Phra Arun. The Bovoranives. Wat Phra Pathom Chedi, etc.
Kathina Kathina Ceremony is a service of the King. His Majesty the King Rat is a private residence.

Kathina Ceremony. Kathina Ceremony is a service of the King. He graciously. The Royal Kathina cloth. Prefer to royalty and courtiers, government agencies or private associations leading to the monastery across the Kingdom. (Now the Department of Religion and the fabric of the Kathina Kathina offerings).

Kathina Kathina Rat is a Rat or the general public who are faithful to offer Kathina cloth. Rat and prefer to offer a varied and can be divided into Hulkฐin Mhakฐin (Kathin) now prefer rat. Commonly referred to as the Chairman or Kathin host of the ceremony will focus on the features (raise) money and goods to the family prefer a more Because these measurements can be used to preserve Buddhism. And because of the time I prefer a dedicated machine. As a result, the ceremony is an important tradition of the various annual convention.